Etiquette Guidelines for Individual Faiths

The guidelines below were written by members of each of the religious communities listed. Click on a religious group below to view those guidelines, or scroll down to view all guidelines.



written By Natalie Mobini-Kesheh (Australian Bahá'í Community)


There are no restrictions on shaking hands or other formal interaction with members of the opposite sex.

Bahá'ís sometimes greet one another with the phrase "Allah-u-Abha," which means "God is Most Glorious".

Religious leaders

The Bahá'í Faith does not have any equivalent to a priesthood.

Elected institutions look after the affairs of the community at the local, state and national levels. Any adult Bahá'í, male or female, can be elected as a member. Authority rests with the institutions rather than the individual members.

At a formal inter-faith function, representatives of the Bahá'í institutions should be seated with the leaders of other religions.

Places of worship

The Bahá'í House of Worship or temple is open for people of all backgrounds to pray or meditate.

Apart from formal services of worship, silence should be observed while in the House of Worship. Visitors should dress respectfully but there are no specific dress requirements.


Bahá'ís are not permitted to consume drugs or alcohol (other than for medical reasons). There are no other dietary restrictions, although a simple diet is encouraged.



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