Friday, 22 December 2017

Christmas Prayer for Melbourne

Assembly Theologian-in-Residence Rev. Dr Ji Zhang has offered this prayer for those injured in the recent Melbourne CBD attack.

O Lord we come before you in prayer.
You are the creator of us all. We are altogether your children. 
When one rejoices we all rejoice; when one suffers we all suffer.
We come to you today, Lord, with confusion and compassion in our hearts, 
pray for the nineteen people injured in the attack in Melbourne,

and families of the victims whose Christmas joy being removed,
and hundreds of people witnessed the horror,
and many reached out to the victims,
and police, ambulance and hospital staff
and all people watched the news and are still hurting emotionally. 

Our hearts are gathered in compassion
for they are all our sisters, 
they are all our brothers, 
they are all your children.

O God of peace
we come before you now
with hearts empty and minds confused that words cannot convey.
We come before you asking you Lord,
embrace the injured with your healing spirit
encourage the witness with your loving kindness
surround all people with your lasting compassion,
that we all may be unified by peace and hope.

O Christ of healing,
We pray for ourselves
to comfort those who weep,
to heal those who are afflicted.
We ask you to heal ourselves,
to teach us to love again in giving love to others.
to make us instruments of your peace.

O the Christ child,
we come before you
to pay homage that God is with us.
In your humility may we find rest,
in your homelessness may we find homecoming,
in your peacefulness may we find joy.

The Word became flesh and lived among us.
We come to see this miracle of life,
join the choirs of angels,
sing eternal hymns to the Christ of peace.